You are consistent and tenacious and unwavering. You pull others up with you as you rise, even when you're exhausted, but #impostersyndrome is real life. You've built this empire from the ground up, but you've also built up some hella mental blocks around money that make you believe that your success is a one off. And let's be honest, you spend it as soon as it arrives anyway because you're still kind of afraid this will be the last time money makes its way in to your hands. But babe, you're wrong. And I can prove it to you.

i see you. showing up as the authority in your arena as if you invented the game. but you still don't believe that people like us get to be wealthy and stay there.

Not only will I provide you with all the knowledge & practical application and teach you how to maximize the money you earn - I will also help you undo the belief systems you hold that keep you stuck in these negative patterns. 

I will empower you to rewire your mindset and rewrite your story around money.

We will address where these beliefs came from HEAD ON

I will support you DAILY as you confront your struggles 

We will identify where you are now & where you TRULY long to be

You will walk away with an effective money management system & a PLAN for how to reach those goals



I get it. I've been where you are now not so long ago. I was raised by a single mother & often times, that meant things were... tight, to say the least. So I worked hard. REALLY hard. I was the smart kid. I was the successful one. I worked my way up the corporate ladder & then quit to apply those skills to my own business(es) (((what can I say? I've always had the spirit of an entrepreneur))) The catch is though : No matter how successful I became, I never really BELIEVED it was sustainable. People like me don't get to be wealthy. And they sure as eff don't get to keep it. But I was wrong. I was so wrong & I'm going to prove it to you in just 8 short weeks.  
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Hello my love. I'm shannon kill.

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Let's make some money magic.

We identify the roadblocks, navigate the present, & dream REALLY freaking big.

We make a plan. An effective, sustainable, audacious plan. Oh, and we take care of those roadblocks while we're at it.

We execute the plan. Consistently & flawlessly. And YOU  get to keep that wealth you've worked so hard for. 

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In just 8 weeks - you will experience shift after glorious shift

You get to go from needlessly panicked about what the future holds to POSITIVE that you are the key to creating your success in all future scenarios.

- nicole barham


Shannon Marie Kill is an amazing financial expert who really helps you create a plan to have the financial freedom you deserve. She is no-nonsense when it comes to creating a customized, doable plan for you and is there every step of the way to support you on your journey. You will LOVE working with her!

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