I've been where you are now. I wasn't born "good with money"; NOBODY is. Some people are born with more advantages and less challenges, but that's another story for another time...

I was raised by a single mother & that meant that often times, things were... tight, to say the least.

So I worked hard. REALLY hard. I was the smart kid. I was the successful one. I worked my way up the corporate ladder & made mama proud...

But when it came down to it, I had no fucking clue what to do with the money I was making.

My 52 Week Snapshot was born out of pure necessity. I didn't know it when I created my first version of the snapshot in my early 20s, but on top of various traumatic experiences throughout my life I was constantly combatting, I also had a "highly functioning" neurodivergent brain (whatever that means, am I right?)

Though I was diagnosed as dyslexic at a very young age, I was 32 (you read that right) when I received the official ADHD diagnosis - turns out I'd been treating all the wrong things for most of my life (including, but not limited to : Asthma + Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

A few months in to my financial consulting business, I recognized that most of my clients had a few things in common that made this program so successful for them. 

They all had either experienced significant trauma or they processed things differently than most others, or in a lot of cases, BOTH. Turns out, this super high touch, fully customized, incredibly detailed intensive space was perfect for neurodivergent & trauma effected women entrepreneurs.

Who knew? 

But it wasn't just the snapshot. I realized very early on that what prevented these amazing women from moving forward with their money in meaningful ways was something much deeper... they had all these trauma responses attached to money -- reactions their brilliant brains had created to protect them that were no longer serving them. 

The Mindset Reconstruction Protocol was born, again, out of necessity. 

See, when we work together, we address the WHOLE person. I guide you through the process of reprogramming your brain to learn how to treat your relationship with money like you would any healthy relationship WHILE addressing the practical applications for your unique lifestyle.

In just 12 weeks, you'll leave with a renewed sense of security around your ability to manage your money effectively, a detailed plan broken up in to bite sized weekly chunks, and a mind devoid of all those anxieties around finance that got to live there rent free for all those years.

I can show you how. And I can't WAIT to talk to you. 🖤



Can we just talk?

Talk is cheap
(free actually)

But what I can do is guide you through the entire process so you don't have to stumble along like I did, or worse... stay right where you are now. First one's free. You literally have nothing to lose but more precious time.

i can't do the work for you. i sincerely wish i could.

- Stephanie parris


If any of you are on the fence about whether or not you should hire SMK for her expertise, just do it. 

You will never spend money in a more reasonable & effective manor. 

She knows what she is doing; she not only talks the talk, but she lives it daily. 

She adapts things for an individual and they are easy to comprehend. Shannon is educating folks in ways our parents did not.

Join us for more money magic!

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