Meet Brit Miller
Marketing expert and owner of Sage & Frank, a Brand Marketing Agency.

We connected in the online space through a shared coach and I was immediately drawn to her determination as a business owner and as a positive change-maker in the marketing space. 

We shared similar values and became quick friends and allies.


Brit Miller

Brit was like a lot of my clients. It's not that they've never tried to manage their money; they've actually tried everything the finance gurus told them and THEN some. She came to me saying "I have a really great spreadsheet already," but she couldn't figure out why she was unable to build up a savings or stick to a plan & she had no idea where all the money she was making was ending up. Her business was hella profitable at this point, so where was the disconnect?

As a millennial paying off massive student loans, it was also starting to weigh on her that she was going to have a son starting college in a few years and she was determined to save money for his tuition so he didn't have to struggle under student loan debt like they did.

The Big Challenge


the problem was she was trying to fit into an unrealistic budget

She had created a super tight budget that didn't align with the success of her business. 

She was in scarcity mindset and it was keeping her decision-making toxic.

She needed to set herself up for a budget and goals that reflected her income and lifestyle.

We had her solution.

Together, we gathered details about current spending habits, business revenue, and savings goals.

We built her budget around how she was naturally spending money and prioritized savings first, immediately after paying necessary bills.

We implemented the 52-week snapshot and met weekly to go over spending and deliver accountability.

Step One

Step Two


Step Three


With the 52-week snapshot we were able to map out a budget that was comfortable, attainable, and allowed savings to be built up quickly - all while building in the cost of the coaching package and ongoing support for accountability.


   We also built the cost of the coaching package into the budget so she was able to see how she could easily afford working with us.

Brit was able to get on track with all of her bills and not only start building up her savings account, but also a "fun fund" and 2 month salary cushion for the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

The Results

Doubled her monthly income

600% increase on savings account

200% ROI within 6 months and 2 months salary cushion saved



Savings account

In HER Words:

"I was really in a place of struggle with knowing I was a responsible, smart person and not being able to reconcile that with not having any sort of savings and making poor money choices. I needed to start saving money for my kid's tuition and to start thinking more seriously about our money situation.

After working with Shannon, I realized I didn't need to "think more seriously", put more pressure on myself, or make myself fit into this box of having a super restrictive budget. I had no clue that was actually hurting me.

It was a MIND-BLOWING concept to me that I could build a spending plan around my ACTUAL SPENDING HABITS instead of a Dave Ramsey style budget that constantly triggered my money traumas.

Shannon completely changed the way I approach money and made it possible for me to start saving AND spend comfortably at the same time. I trust myself with my money now, knowing that I will make good decisions AND have her guidance in the moments where I am not so sure of myself. I'm eternally grateful for Shannon and her help laying a foundation of healthy money mindset that I can model for my kids."


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